On: March 28, 2016

I get asked a lot what my favorite flower is and it changes with the season but anemones are a constant. Fun fact, I have incorporated at least one anemone in every event or wedding I’ve done. People often mistake these babes for Poppies, which makes sense. They have similar structures. However, an anemones stem is smoother than a poppy.

As a designer, one of the things I really like about anemones is that they add a lot of fun texture to a bouquet or an arrangement. Their stems naturally curve so they can be pulled slightly higher up in a bouquet or arrangement for variation. The down side is their stems are hollow so they can bend really easily causing them to droop. Definitely more on the delicate side of the spectrum.

They remind me of something that would come alive in a Shel Silverstein poem or that Dr.Seuss would’ve depicted in The Lorax. They’re small yet make a statement on their own. Just enough whimsy with a whole lot of personality.